Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Taneja Group: White Paper zu SANsymphony-V

Lesen Sie das koplette Taneja Group Product Profile "Building the Virtual Infrastructure with DataCore SANsymphony-V" .

Das ist die Meinung der Analysten der Taneja Group zu SANsymphony-V: 

Five plus years of server and desktop virtualization efforts – and the repeated hard-learned lessons of countless end users –have put storage virtualization software in the industry spotlight as the key pre-requisite for a smoothly running, cost-optimized virtual infrastructure. These lessons have been painful for virtualization users, and Hyper-V customers in particular. Physical storage systems alone fall far short of meeting the storage performance, availability and management requirements of virtual machines and virtual desktops.

What’s needed is a new approach: a layer of storage virtualization software that is tightly coupled with Hyper-V and that abstracts away the complexities and dependencies of underlying storage and server hardware. For Hyper-V users that would like to build an enterprise-capable virtual infrastructure, DataCore SANsymphony-V is an ideal fit. SANsymphony-V delivers on all five of the fundamental characteristics we consider to be essential attributes of a virtual infrastructure, and does so without requiring significant investments in or changes to other elements of the infrastructure, including virtual servers.

SANsymphony-V takes the pain and cost out of virtualizing Hyper-V infrastructures, and should give IT managers in Microsoft environments the confidence to push forward with virtualization initiatives, and even to begin to virtualize their most critical applications.

We believe that DataCore will not only accelerate server and desktop virtualization efforts, but provide Microsoft, VMware and Citrix customers with the means to build truly virtual infrastructures, and realize longpromised benefits such as increased, infrastructure-wide utilization, scalability and flexibility at a price they can afford.

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