Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

ESG-White Paper: SANsymphony-V ist ein "Storage-Hypervisor"

Die Analysten der Entprise Storage Group (ESG) über SANsymphony-V:

The capabilities DataCore delivers have recently been significantly uplifted and streamlined further for virtualized server environments in its latest SANsymphony-V release. For brevity, it’s hard to beat DataCore’s press release which points out that “SANsymphony offers a flexible, open software platform from which to provision, share, reconfigure, migrate, replicate, expand and upgrade storage without slowdowns or downtime.” The product is agnostic with regard to the underlying storage hardware and can essentially breathe life and operational value into whatever is on a user’s floor. It is robust, flexible, and responsive and it can deliver value in terms of, for instance, better economics, improved response times, high availability (HA), and easy management administration. 

Functionally, DataCore is also very rich: examples include snapshots, roll-back CDP, easy migration and upgrades, replication with compression (for practical bi-directional remote site recovery), and thin provisioning (which of course, like everything else DataCore does, can span heterogeneous storage because SANsymphony operates as a “storage hypervisor”). In many ways, it is possible to view DataCore and others as doing for storage hardware exactly what VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft have done (and are doing) for server hardware; by abstracting it and making it flexible, fast, and scalable, users are freed to concentrate on their applications and business value rather than on developing an army of white-coated twiddlers of storage knobs.

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